Resonance Karamea Music | Art | Community 9th - 12th February 2017 Oparara Reserve, Karamea, New Zealand Resonance Karamea Festival is a grassroots, community driven celebration of diversity and connectedness located on the Oparara Reserve, Karamea, New Zealand. An immersion in a 'heartfelt space' of expression through music, art, knowledge and community.

Resonance Karamea is a inter-generational friendly event with dedicated spaces for all members of the family to enjoy.

Resonance Karamea is a three day, two night outdoor gathering situated on the banks of the Oparara Estuary. From the outset festivals in Karamea have been grounded in the natural environment, celebrating our community's diversity and an emphasis on the creation of a space of meaningful expression... a moment out of time to share, laugh, dance, learn, create, explore, inspire, love and heal. Over the last seven years our journey has lead us to here, a gathering of creative souls with a focus on co-creating a space that both inspires and celebrates while resonating with the 'heart song' that flows through all.


As a community based event, any and all returns are reinvested in developing the natural and cultural beauty of the Oparara Reserve for future generations, and supporting the growth of musical and artistic expression within the Karamea Community and beyond

We have...

• A diversity of live and electronic music performed in intimate and engaging spaces by artists who enjoy connecting with their audience.

• Our family friendly design and dedicated Kidzone that has meant a growing number of people are bringing all the family along. We believe having tribes of little ones marauding around the festival brings a special energy to the event (and provides an opportunity to rekindle the inner child).

• Stunning natural environment with camping available among pristine native bush, the Oparara River to swim in, and an estuary and beach to explore.

• A warm and open invitation to be a part of our community and immerse yourself, for a moment, in the Karamea lifestyle.

• Workshops, demonstrations, market space, healing zone and art installations.


Again this year will see the creation of three intimate stages and we will be looking for musicians, artists and workshop presenters who are interested in engaging with festival patrons as we continue our exploration of the 'village atmosphere' at our festivals. If you are interested in being part of a diverse and dynamic crew and event as a volunteer, artist, workshop presenter or musician then please fill in an application HERE.

So why Resonance Karamea? One of our community expressed it well:


"I do like the imagery that surrounds Resonance as a name and also the addition of Karamea to

highlight that it is our community that is the inspiration and guiding energy behind it. Resonance

conjures up sound, feelings and vibration, a connection that is bounced back and forth, absorbed

and returned." (Shona Gibson, August 2014)


While we have adopted it in the spiritual sense the following scientific definition gives clear insight

into the underlying process:


The point is twofold here, not only do we embrace diversity but also foster creating a space where this diversity can feel free to truly manifest and express itself. This process has already begun as our community begins engaging with the vision of creating an event. A 'heart space' that will grow and expand as our wider community join with us, resources are gathered and in the lead up to the festival a 'diversity of beings' engage and interact, inspire and create a physical and spiritual space for all to celebrate our humanity and connection with the earth.


Over the years we have developed our craft to a point where we feel confident that we can carry this spirit into the festival itself... creating a space where the patrons themselves continue this process throughout the event building, transforming, collaborating and, in the end, inspiring us as a community to view ourselves and further explore our own identity...

 All of this begins with reaching out, connecting and networking and that is where you can help! If something about what we are doing resonates with a part of you, please share this site and invite your friends on the Facebook event page.